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Smart Home



How Does Residential Solar Work?

Watch the video below to help you understand how solar works.

Discover The Advantages Of Combining Smart Home & Solar

Be able to monitor and control your home completely!


Tax Incentives

Enjoy federal tax incentives and possibly state tax incentives. Talk to one of our Pros to find out more.


Increased Home Value

Solar panels and smart home are viewed as upgrades and will likely increase your home's value.


Cost Savings

Savings will vary but the combination of smart home and your solar electric system will reduce your utility bills.



Dramatically reduce your carbon foot print by reducing greenhouse gas and other dangerous pollutants such as CO2, sulfur oxides and particulate matter.


Piece Of Mind

Sleep better knowing your home is protected. Travel in piece knowing from where ever you are, you can turn off lights, lock doors, close garage and make sure your stove is off!

All Roads Lead To Solar!

The sun is abundant and as the cost of most electric companies are going up the cost of using solar to produce energy has been going down.

Why Solar Energy ?

Great financial returns and lower monthly utility bills !

Advantage Of Solar?

Instead of renting power from the power company you now own and produce your own clean energy from the sun. Turning a liability into an asset.

Solar System Benefits?

Be proud that you are reducing your carbon foot print for future generations. As more and more families are switching to solar the world is benefiting with cleaner air and water. That's something we can all be proud of.

Why Southern Utah Energy For Solar?

It's your home! You deserve the best! Together with your expert energy guide, you will plan how your utilities will go from a liability to an asset.

Quick Install Time

Don't spend months waiting for your solar installation.

Committed To Change

Our mission is to protect families and the Environment!

Best In Class Warranties

Daily monitoring, free maintenance, repairs and comprehensive insurance!

Most Affordable Pricing

As brokers we have the ability to find you the best price!

Custom Designs

Each system is designed to fit your unique wants and needs!

Solar Storage

Power outages can be a thing of the past with our clean, affordable, solar battery storage options!

Take The Survey Below For An Accurate Free Quote!

Let us give you a free solar quote based off your home needs. Please fill out this quick survey and we will try to have something prepared for you within 48 hours. To give you an accurate quote we will use your name and address to verify your roof with satellites. To deliver your quote we will ask for your contact information at the end.
So we don't waste your time (Because nobody wants that) let's first see if you and your home are qualified for solar with a few simple questions.
Based off your responses you and your home are most likely qualified. Other things that can disqualify a home are trees casting too much shade and the roof structure. Most of this can be seen from satellite imaging. That is why we need the following information. So we can do a preliminary roof evaluation and make sure we can design a system on your roof. The other reason is so we can contact you with your free quote. This information will not be shared with anyone but our company and our install partners.
Just a few more questions to better understand your energy needs. We are almost done.

Why Southern Utah Energy For Smart Home?


We Have Partnered With Award Winning Smart Home Products

Custom, award winning security and smart home with limited lifetime warranty

We Have Partners Located Throughout The United States If You Move

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Why Choose Southern Utah Energy?

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"We have been treated very well throughout the whole process. We chose to do both smart home and solar. Our kids can now see who's at the door with the camera and we are enjoying the energy savings."

Johnson Family


"It's important that our family saves where we can. Solar just made sense for us. We did the smart home system also, to manage our lights and our thermostats. All together we are happy with our system."

Barnes Family


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